You're in good company. Clients of Music Freedom Dreams come to us looking for support to evidence their social justice commitments in their work. MFD provides the tools and education to guide that work in an authentic and informed way. MFD clients have stemmed from the tech industry to best-selling authors and large public service institutions.

Our past work includes those listed below, and we are indeed open for new clients at this time. Fill out this form to connect.


julie Lythcott-haims, New York Times Best-selling author

MFD worked with NYT best-selling author Julie Lythcott-Haims to shape her book tour for her second book, Real American: A Memoir. Together, they made evident her commitment to empowering her readers and Black people all over the country by supporting the development of youth readers all over the country.

Check out this incredible book here: Real American: A Memoir.



As the Transgender Education & Advocacy Coordinator for ACLU-MO, Jay-Marie & MFD worked to increase protections and safety for Transgender & Gender Non-Conforming folks throughout the state of Missouri.

This work is a part of ACLU National’s Trans Justice Campaign, formerly the Out For Freedom Campaign.



Code2040 is a racial justice, start-up minded non-profit, seeking to increase the number of Black & Latinx folks in tech.

Code2040 worked with MFD to increase their internal knowledge of and commitment to eradicating anti-Blackness, thus empowering their staff as much as they empowered their fellows.


Jay-Marie weaves performance, radical inclusion, advocacy, and creativity in a way that allows the to shine and those around to feel grounded in their creative offering.
Jay-Marie is an outstanding facilitator with a nuanced, compassionate approach, the kind of person who leads you to powerful “aha!” moments and shifts in your own thinking.
The facilitator had a great understanding of leading people to action where they are, and the workshop was an incredibly motivating experience. I was particularly impressed by the way the facilitator made me and the other participants feel safe enough to engage with challenging concepts and our own discomfort, while still asking us to push our boundaries and expand our capacities.