We build

We work to manifest event spaces, products, and campaigns that empower oppressed communities to take their political & cultural organizing goals from dream to reality. In our wake, Freedom Dreams for Black Trans folks, Black Women, and as a result, all bodies, should be tangibly more within reach.


Real American Book Tour

In Julie Lythcott-Haims Memoir, Real American, we see first-hand how “so-called microaggressions, in addition to blunt force insults can puncture a person’s inner life with a thousand tiny cuts.” On her national book tour, Music Freedom Dreams helped to elevate Lythcott-Haims’s story and other examples of resilience to these cuts by partnering with local poets throughout the country, aged 12-25. Using original works, these local poets opened for each event with original works to help contemporize and forefront the Black struggle as it still lives in bodies today. Audiences walked away changed by both writers, and reminded that Blackness is just as worthy of seeing, loving and fighting here in 2018, as it has always been.



A series of events over the course of February, building towards the dream of safe spaces for Black Queer & Trans people in St. Louis & the state of Missouri. This year, events included a Valentine's Gay Party, joining lobbying at the State Capitol with PROMO, a free Black Panther movie screening with support from Metro Trans Umbrella Group, and Black Queer community building throughout the month.






Allies in Motion Workshops: Up Your Activism

Activist-Educator Jay-Marie Hill uses combination of live music, popular education, and their expertise as an racial & gender justice strategist to support participants in their growth as allies in the quest for a better America. Past attendees report leaving feeling refreshed, encouraged, and empowered about their role their in changing the world via their everyday circles and community networks. To book a Project AIM workshop at your home, or workplace, contact us.