We partner with organizations, individuals and movement builders to manifest realities where Black Trans Lives thrive, Black Women are fulfilled and resourced like the incredible beings they are and deserve to be seen as. As an outgrowth of that, all bodies - queer, or cis, white or mixed, who are in any way diminished or oppressed by the realities of anti-Blackness, White Supremacy, cissexism, patriarchy, transphobia, and misogyny/misogynoir - are believed, lifted up, and institutionally resourced.




We spark nationwide, regional, and local community creation through music, art and other creative mediums. We see and hold music as the bedrock of our inspiration and creativity. We also work with Black Women, Queer & Trans artists to elevate their art practice and careers, no matter the form. Artist roster coming soon.




...we strategize...

Leveraging the freedoms we have won, we use strategic education and interventions across communities and mediums (online, offline, home, workplace, etc.) to further reduce the number of people subject to the scars left by anti-Black racism, cissexism, white supremacy, & misogynoir. This includes direct training, consulting, community organizing, and teaching.



...We build

We work to manifest event spaces, products, and campaigns that empower oppressed communities to take their political & cultural organizing goals from dream to reality.

In our wake, Freedom Dreams for Black Trans folks, Black Women, and as a result, all bodies, should be tangibly more within reach. We are not afraid to dream a better world into existence.