Music, it’s as close to God as I know.
— Nina Simone

The MUSIC pillar of MFD is our foundation.

We know that to Create is to live is to learn is to breathe. There is no possibility without creation and when creation is present so is all possibility. 

Music Freedom Dreams Founder Jay-Marie Hill has worked with hundreds of musicians and they have lent their expertise to countless projects and artists. From album production, to touring, MFD is always increasing their resources to help artists elevate their platform and product. Highlights and artists we love below.

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Bassist, saxophonist & singer-songwriter Jay-MarieisHoly is currently refining their solo sound in studios around the country. Their first single - Here, Queer & Staying - came out May 30, 2018 - listen to it here. Look out for their 1st solo full project, releasing early 2019.

For a preview of their sound and artist inspiration, check out their Patreon, Instagram, or listen to their song Past Time (in conversation with Lamia Beard), released in 2016.


Rev. Sekou & the Holy Ghost

This spiritual and timely project was a blessing on audience ears. Its two founders - Jay-Marie Hill & Reverend Osagyefo Sekou - met in Cleveland, OH after a spur-of-the-moment Movement for Black Lives action de-arresting a young child. One year and 3 regional tours later, their album is still one for the collector's shelf.


Other Artists & Acts We Love

Suyá Nascimento - Salvador, Brazil

Tassiana Willis - Oakland, CA

Britt Baker - St. Louis, MO

Aaryn Lang - NYC, NY

Wriply Bennett - Cleveland, OH

Bones of a Feather - Oakland (2013-2015)